Saxophone Mouthpieces

Klick >>here and take a look at all our saxophone mouthpieces.

Klick >>here and take a look at all our heaven-saxophone mouthpieces.

Mouthpieces for saxophone
We have developed the „Classic“ saxophone mouthpieces in collaboration with Joachim Rinke, who teaches at the Frankfurt Conservatory. The tip openings are 5, 5*, 6, 6* and 7 for alto and tenor. The mouthpieces with larger tip openings are specially designed for big bands. The „Classic“ mouthpieces are also excellent suitable for Jazz musicians. They have a big sound and even in the higher ranges are firm, light and soft, even in the flageolet. The mouthpieces have real substance, are stable in regard to intonation and are particularly reed friendly and they also offer a very good alternative to metal.
The mouthpiece 4* Alto Classic was specially designed for pupils in great help of Michael Unger (“Talking Sax”, music teacher).
No. 6 with an opening of 1,80 mm can be recommended as an all-round model and is also suitable for modern styles of playing. It has a sure response, excellent intonation along with a balanced and full sound, says Claus Raumberger, journalist of music and author of „Das Saxophon“ in Germany.
Especially for students we, together with Michael Unger of “Talking Sax” and music teacher, have developed, a mouthpiece, the 4* Alt Classic, with an opening of 1,50 mm. It has an easy response and is very suitable for beginners.

We have also developed a special „JAZZ“ line for jazz music. These mouthpieces have a high baffle and produce that special edged and brighter jazz sound. On top of that, enlarging the chamber has also made the sound fuller. Our recommendation: the Jazz 7 Tenor. On-going development of the „JAZZ“ alto mouthpieces in collaboration with Michael Unger of „Talking Sax“ and music teacher, has resulted in substantial improvements. Here we recommend the Jazz 7* Alto.
Our mouthpieces for soprano were also renewed with Michael Unger. The 6* soprano is particularly popular among other facings.

Due to enormous demand, we expanded our assortment with Bariton Mouthpieces. Because of our high-class manufacture, the mouthpieces are awarded with high precision and perfect quality. They are qualified for all kind of music, like classic or jazz. Moreover, we have developed a series of Saxophone Mouthpieces which have a metal ring on the tenon. That’s why they have the same attributes like our Alto- and Tenor-Saxophone Mouthpieces with metal ring.
Do not hesitate to test them so that you have the possibility to be impressed by the excellent sound diversity.

Our Saxophone Mouthpieces Soprano, Alto, Tenor as well as Bariton of all our series were expanded with a metal ring on the tenon which consists of polished brass.
Various tests with well-known musicians showed following qualities:
1. higher effectiveness
2. better projection and sonority with an unchanged supply of energy
3. quick response and increased selectivity, that advance the virtuosic play
A positive side effect of the metal ring is the break resistance if the mouthpiece is stick improperly on the cork which is too thick for the mouthpiece. Furthermore, the mouthpiece with the metal ring, “Classic” Alto, developed into an excellent tool, especially for the leader in the big band.
The Saxophone Mouthpieces with metal ring are produced in the most popular tables for all series.

HEAVEN - a new material that truly deserves its name!
0ne of the results of our research on different materials is colored acrylic, some of them with glittering metallic additions. These mouthpieces soon became popular among musicians of any age and style. After all, they not only look interesting, but also feature excellent sound characteristics.

This development found its culmination in “Heaven”, a transparent light blue material with metallic components that bears its name with good reason, not only due to its color, but also because of its “heavenly” sound. Compared to the traditional black designs, our “Heaven” models are easier to play, have plenty of volume and a fluid tone with a very quick response. We use this material for clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. Two models of alto saxophone mouthpiece are available:
The “Classic” model with a traditional, slightly concave chamber and the “Jazz” model with a step inside made of this new material. Both types are offered with various tables, from very narrow to very wide depending on the response or sound desired. A very special feature of both designs is a metal ring on the shaft. Some selected models of our tenor saxophone mouthpieces from the “Jazz” series are only available with a metal ring, as also the most popular German clarinet mouthpieces are made of this material.
Not all sizes are available yet. Please contact us to find out, whether the mouthpiece of your choice is already in stock.